Release Past The Bucket

The release of the club through impact is something that hopefully you donít have to think about, as it should happen quite naturally, but it will only happen naturally if you have the club swinging a little from the inside through impact.

This drill is just about my favorite, as it forces you to swing the club through impact along the right path, and as a result you will release the club also. To do this drill you will need some sort of medium sized bucket (one that you donít mind destroying, and not as big as the one in the photoís below) Now place the bucket on the ground with a ball 5 inches to the right of the bucket (in relation to the target) and 5 inches in front of the bucket (away from you) Next you can address the ball, and make a swing through the ball. Any kind of an over the top swing will see you hit the bucket resulting in a pull or slice. A few hits with the bucket in this position really gets a golfer hitting from the inside. Initially you may swing down the right line but block the ball to the right, but you will gradually start feeling the weight of the club and you will start to release the club around the bucket.

I have had many students that have been lifetime slicers, but a couple of golf lessons getting the bucket treatment soon sorts them out.

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