Fix That Slice

One of the most difficult faults for a golf coach to fix is a club path that is swinging from outside the target line on the downswing to inside the line on the throughswing. This type of motion will always result in a slicing motion, or maybe even a pull to the left.

Here is a great little golf drill that will help you swing the golf club through on a better path and get you releasing the club better. You need to place three golf balls on the ground as shown in the first two pics below. The balls are spaced a couple of inches apart, with the outside ball placed around 1 inch away from the target (compared to the middle ball) and the inside ball placed around 1 inch towards the target. Now set up to the middle ball with a 5 iron, you can see when you look down that any kind of an outside to in golf swing path will result in all balls being hit.

After a few goes at this golf drill you will start swinging down the line better resulting in the middle ball being the only one to get hit, as well as giving you a more natural feel for the release of the golf club through the ball.

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