Correct Distance From The Ball Drill

Once you have got the correct amount of hip and knee bend you then need to establish the correct distance that you should stand from the ball. This is a very common mistake amongst all types of golfers. If you stand too far away from the ball you will tend to swing too far around your body on a flat swing plane, and if you stand too close to the ball you will swing outside on an upright swing plane.

As long as your posture is correct all you need to do is let your arms hang down freely from you shoulders. If your arms are hanging down correctly, your hands should be about 5 inches from your legs. Another good way of telling whether you are the correct distance from the ball is to try the following drill that is highlighted below. Assume your address position with a 5 iron, next take your bottom hand off the golf club and let it hang freely. If it hangs to the inside as shown in the first photo then you can assume that you are too far away from the ball. If your bottom hand hangs to the outside as shown in the middle photo then you are likely to be too close to the ball. And if the bottom hand hangs opposite the top hand as shown in the far right photo then you are in the right spot. It is important to note that no matter whether you are using a driver or pitching wedge the arms should still be hanging freely in the same position.

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