The Correct Wrist Hinge

When the right elbow hinges on the backswing the wrists also need to hinge, and if done poorly the whole backswing will be affected. Most average golfers either hinge the wrists too much or too little, as well as hinging them in the wrong fashion. Done the right way this hinge results in a great deal of extra club head speed and control.

A good exercise to do is highlighted in the photo’s below. This drill will give you an idea of what it feels like to hinge the wrists in the right direction, as well as the right amount.

Firstly extend the club out in front of you so that the arms and club are horizontal to the ground, now whilst keeping the arms still, hinge the wrists so that the club moves horizontally to your right. This is an incorrect motion and will result in a closed club face causing your shots to be played predominantly to the left of the target

Now bring the club back to its original spot, then hinge the wrists horizontally in the opposite direction (2nd photo below) this motion will cause the clubface to be open at the top of your swing, resulting in shots heading to the right of the target.

Bring the club back to the middle and we will do it the right way. Hinge your wrist so as the club comes vertically up to your eyes, (3rd photo below) you only need to bring the club halfway up to the vertical position. This is a combination of the right type of hinge and the right amount of hinge. Most people are supple enough with the wrists to bring the club all the way up to their head, this is too much wrist hinge and will cause the club to be too close to your shoulders at the top of the swing

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