Connection And Timing

One sure way of losing your timing in the golf swing is to have a motion where the body and arms are disconnected or out of sequence. For example the takeaway, if you start the golf swing with your arms only then you will take the golf club outside the target line. Or you could start too much with the body causing the golf club to swing too far on the inside. A perfectly connected takeaway would see the clubhead travel straight back away from the ball before starting its turn to the inside.

A good way to get connected is with the towel drill. You will need a towel and a pitching wedge. Place the towel under your armpits and assume the correct posture without a ball. Donít squeeze the towel too tightly, it is the connection that will keep the towel in place. With only three quarter golf swings, feel how the upper arms work in conjunction with your torso. Donít let any one part of your body take over the golf swing, if you do then the towel will fall to the ground, this is most evident at the top of the swing, as well as the start of the downswing. It is alright however to let the towel fall to the ground at some stage during the follow through in this drill.

After practicing this drill without a ball it is a good idea to try it with a ball, making sure that you only use three quarter swings. Within a short while your disjointed swing will be looking decidedly more connected.

I have had many students that have been lifetime slicers, but a couple of golf lessons getting the bucket treatment soon sorts them out.

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