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Check Your Plane Line

You can play good golf with any kind of swing plane, but this will only happen if you have a consistent swing plane throughout the whole swing. It is not uncommon to see someone whip the golf club to the inside on the takeaway, then pull the arms up abruptly, followed by a downswing with equally as many moves. This type of player does not have a swing plane, and therefore won’t be able to play consistent golf.

What is important no matter what type of swing plane you have, is to have the correct plane line. This plane line is the common trait for all on plane swings, and is explained in this simple drill.

Stick a tee in the hole in the butt end of your golf club, this tee as well as the club head will be used as your aim in this golf drill. Start off by making sure that the club is on plane at address by ensuring that the butt of the golf club is pointing at your belt buckle. From here which ever part of the golf club is closest to the ground, that part of the club should be pointing down to the target line, as shown in the photo’s below. There are four stages in the golf swing where the club should be parallel to the target line; halfway back, at the top, halfway down, and halfway up to the finish position.

This golf drill should be done in slow motion so you can see and feel the two aiming points always pointing along the target line. You may also want to deliberately point the aiming points away from the target line just to feel how that throws the club off plane.

Practice this golf drill at home or anywhere for that matter to ingrain your swings plane line.

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